Chemtrails in the sky

Part I: The Space Preservation Act

On October 2, 2001 Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ohio,
introduced H. R. 2977 during the First Session of the 107th
Congress of the United States. The "Space Preservation Act
of 2001" sought to "preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of
space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting
the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the
President to take action to implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons."

Special notes: In the bill, CHEMTRAILS are listed as an "exotic" weapons system.
There's no reference on 'Chemtrails' at TruthOrFiction.com or Scopes.com. Click here.


Watch Chemtrails Mystery Lines In The Sky.

Concerned Citizen's Letter

Monday, November 24, 2008
To Congressman/Senator-Elect Tom Udall and Staff


It is my duty and sense of alarm to report a most unusual amount of air traffic over the Espanola Valley, again today.

This makes 5 of the past 8 days with massive amount of air traffic over this remote Northern New Mexico location.

They appear to be military aircraft. Today I estimate 80 flights over this area. I estimate 30 of them left CHEMTRAILS, i.e., aircraft exhaust that does not disperse, remaining in position for 30 minutes, with a dripping signature, then morphing into pseudo-cloud formations.

Is this an exercise in weather modification?

Are these air flights authorized by any proper authority, or is this a Black OP of some kind?

Please investigate.

I was given a 2 hour DVD entitled "Chemtrails: Aerosol Crimes." It is available on the internet, most informative, and alarming.

Respectfully yours,

GG, M.A. Ph.D.
Espanola, NM

Health procedures against Chemtrail Toxicity
By Gwen Scott, ND

Drink plenty of pure water.
Take vitamins A,C, D-3, E; zinc; Echinacea, Golden Seal
Don't over-exhaust; get plenty of sleep.
Strengthen your immune system.
Do not microwave food.
Take all-natural vitamin, mineral supplement.
Diatomaceous Earth and Clay pulls chemtrail metals from body.
Bath Cleanse: 2 lbs salt, 1 box baking soda. These pull toxins out. With 1 pint hydrogen peroxide, puts oxygen into body.

See slide show from Australia.

See strange cloud phenomena.

This may blow your mind.

Think drug corporations are health-care resources?
Wait until you hear this testimonial from a former pharmaceutical corporation insider.

There's more! Watch this.


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