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The following suggestions for making adjustments to the human body are intended for use among family members-partners who understand the importance of frequent human touch, the resultant human bonding, and the real therapy afforded by these Ashiatsu practices. *Ashi means foot, atsu means pressure. See the Oreo Dilemma. See the Rescuing Hug. See the Power and Magic of Human Touch.

DO NOT PROCEED with any of the following adjustments if Subject complains of pain. Slight discomfort may be experienced during any session, depending on the condition of the Subject, but pain must be avoided.

The first application of these Ashiatsu* adjustments usually produces some realignment. Subsequent adjustments to the same area during the current session will likely not produce much additional alignment. AVOID OVER-ADJUSTING. More adjustments may be attempted at an interval of about 15 to 30 minutes or more depending on need.


Subject must rest and relax for several minutes at the conclusion of each session.

Additional Advisory for Adjuster and Subject ... Read Me Now.

The benefits of these 6 methods of Ashiatsu massage, and
more can be accomplished by following the instructions below.

Rolling Massage
Feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist, pressing firmly on one side of your spine, then the other. It relieves tension, and loosens and relaxes the muscles.

Kneading Massage
Feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides of the spine. This therapeutic motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching muscles to improve circulation.

Compression Massage
Feels like the heels of a professional therapist's hands firmly pushing on muscles alongside your spine, and inward toward the spine itself. This aids in improving mobility and posture.

Percussion Massage
Feels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. This is the deep muscle therapy popular in sports medicine. It flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure, and invigorates your entire back.

Calf Massage
This carefully but firmly massages the muscles of your calves from your ankles to your knees to relieve stress and sore legs.

Foot Massage
Feels like human hands squeezing your feet. See Foot Chart.




*Ashi-atsu: Ashi means foot, atsu means pressure.

All the adjustments made using the feet can be made
using the hand-over-hand technique while the Adjuster
kneels-straddles the Subject with knees on the floor.
Use of the hand method on children is recommended.

Have the Subject lay tummy down on the floor with the head turned to their comfortable side, and their arms comfortably at their side. Place the arms a little out from the body making a space for your feet between the Subject's hips and hands. Be sure to have Subject's feet-legs together, to align the body correctly, and avoid too much space between the legs (the legs below the thighs lack weight bearing strength) at the upper thigh area.

Place your LEFT FOOT at the base of their buttocks (the Subject can withstand pressure here), but DO NOT step towards or stand on-near the knees … use the upper thighs at the buttocks for your balance point.

Place your RIGHT FOOT at the middle of their back, with the arch of your foot on the spine. Use a rocking motion, similar to surfing, to rock back and forth, moving the RIGHT FOOT and your body weight in small, brief increments up the spine, beginning at the waist and stopping at the neck. If the Subject has eaten recently be sure to apply less pressure on the spine-stomach area for comfort’s sake. BE GENTLE!

After twice traversing their spine, place your feet between their hips and arms. With your heel on the floor and using only about 1/4 of your total body-foot pressure, use the toe and ball of the LEFT FOOT to massage the Subject's LEFT upper ARM by lightly kneading the upper arm, working your way down to the elbow. DO NOT apply pressure beyond an area about 3" above and below the elbow joint, or knee, or ankle joints.

Switch to the RIGHT ARM with your RIGHT FOOT. Only 'walk' on the muscle part … NOT on any joint portion of the body. KEEP YOUR HEELS ON THE FLOOR. After the upper and lower part of the ARMS has been massaged, 'walk' on the HANDS, also with 1/4 total body-foot pressure, Subject's fingers straight, not bent. Avoid the wrist joint.


Then go to the upper THIGHS under the buttocks. Use your full body pressure right at the thigh-buttocks ONLY, one foot-width, i.e., the width of your foot. Then the next foot-width down, apply only 1/4 total body-foot pressure, and the next foot-width down, applying only 1/4 pressure to within 3" of the knee.

Then skip the knee joint to 3" below the knee, to the CALF and apply only 1/4 pressure down the calf to 3" above the ankle. Skip the ankle joint. Full pressure can be applied on the Subject's Feet, but ONLY with the toes and ball of your foot. ADJUSTERS KEEP YOUR HEELS ON THE FLOOR. Subjects will especially enjoy the Hand and Foot walk. BE GENTLE!

For Lower Back Alignment

This adjustment is for stretching and decompressing the lower back.

Have the Subject sit on the floor, feet together, as in a toboggan. The Adjuster should sit right behind the Subject. The Subject should cross their arms and hug their shoulders. The Adjuster, with ankles-feet on top of Subject's lower legs (this locks the Subject's legs straight for a more effective stretch), then clasps the Subject's elbows and hugs the Subject from behind snugly, pulls the Subject backwards towards the floor while pulling up on the Subjects elbows-arms, bringing the Subject with them. This lays the Subject on top of the Adjuster’s tummy. This movement gently stretches and realigns the lower to middle spine.

The Adjuster then pushes up and raises Subject up from the floor, the Subject simultaneously pulls and pushes up from the floor to the sitting position, thus both parties return to the sitting position.


For Rib Cage Alignment

Sometimes the ribs get out of alignment and this adjustment will assist with correcting that problem. Have the Subject lay on their tummy face down on the floor with the head facing the side to be adjusted. The ARM of this same side is on the floor and up over the Subject's head; the other arm is at the Subject’s side.

The Adjuster will kneel on this same side and puts one hand over the other for leverage and places them under the same-side shoulder blade area. The Adjuster then gently, and with an even thrusting stroke, not jerky, pushes up and over towards the top of the opposing shoulder and lower neck.

The opposite side is then, likewise adjusted. Note: Be sure the face is turned towards the side being adjusted and the arm of the side being adjusted is straight up over the head.


Usually realignment will occur only after the first time this adjustment is applied. Subsequent adjustments to the same area during the same session will usually not accomplish any more alignment. If more adjustments are applied, it's best to wait 15 minutes or longer.


For Mid-Back Alignment

This adjustment requires a chair or stool with no arms. If the chair has a back, turn the chair-back to the side or front of the Subject, so the Adjuster has room to work and the Subject sits with the back of the chair to their front or side.

The Subject will interlock their fingers behind their neck. The Subject must hold this posture while the Adjuster applies the adjustment. If the finger lock is broken, the Adjuster must re-start the adjustment. The Adjuster puts their arms through the openings made by the Subject's arms while interlocking their fingers behind their neck. The Adjuster angles their arms back around and behind the waist of the Subject and interlocks their own fingers for leverage. The Adjuster is in sort of a "jump shot" squat, as in basketball, in a semi crouch. Adjuster then asks the relaxed Subject to inhale and then exhale all the way.

Upon the completion of the exhalation the Adjuster quickly stands up. This motion causes a short and gentle tug to the spine that realigns the middle-back of the Subject. This is similar to a realignment technique done while both parties are standing.


For Lower Back and Pelvis Alignment

The Subject will lay down on the floor stretched out on their side, with the bottom leg on-the-floor, leg and arm straight, to keep the spine in a straight alignment, and with the top leg bent with knee towards tummy, and arm bent and relaxed at the tummy. The relaxed head will naturally flop back in this adjustment. The Subject should not be tense, but just RELAX.

The Adjuster will place their one hand between the shoulder and breast (closer to the breast to avoid applying excessive pressure directly to the shoulder), and then place their opposite hand on the top-center-rear hip.

Gently push the Subject's hip away at a level angle, and pull the Subject's shoulder towards the Adjuster, simultaneously, gently and in a long fluid motion. This will gently twist and adjust the lower spine.

Then the Subject will switch sides, reversing, and keeping the on-the-floor leg and arm straight to insure that the spine is aligned. Again, the top leg is bent and the arm lays close to the tummy.


For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In addition, in the case of a carpal tunnel affliction, as a result of frequently repeated movements of the hand, wrist and forearm, as in the long term use of a computer mouse, or similar job related activities, the Subject can try this on themselves.

Extend the affected arm straight and extend the fingers up and back. GENTLY, with the opposite hand, clasp the extended fingers and GENTLY pull back, stretching the ligament and muscle tissues. With each pull, attempt to pull back a little bit more. Then reverse the exercise with the fingers extended down and to the rear, gently pulling back on the extended fingers with the opposite hand. This can be done while watching TV, or any idle, sedentary moments.


See Ashiatsu massage video.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Self-Therapy
By Hari Singh Bird

Hari Singh Bird

The exercises demonstrated in the photos, A and B, below were helpful to me when I dealt with what I determined to be carpel tunnel syndrome several years ago as a result of the repetitive movement of my right hand while using my computer mouse. When I asked a couple of Massage Therapists for advice, they recommended these exercises. I applied the exercises to my right hand over a few weeks. I occasionally apply them even to this day as a preventative. My symptoms have not reoccurred.

I suggest these exercises be done several times a day for 1-2 minutes each for as many times as desired until symptoms are mitigated. In both photos the left hand is pulling the right hand back towards the shoulder while the arm is held straight and unbent at the elbow. Both actions gently stretch the muscles and tendons of the wrist and forearm.

Exercise A

Photo A: The afflicted right hand is pulled backwards by the left hand using steady pressure towards the elbow. The fingers are pointing up while the arm is held straight.

Exercise B

Photo B: The afflicted right hand is stretched backwards, by the left hand using steady pressure towards the elbow while the fingers are pointing downward and the arm is held straight. Of course, if the left hand is afflicted the action is reversed.



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  Consultation with a health care professional should occur before applying any adjustments or treatments to one's body, before consuming medications or nutritional supplements, and before dieting, fasting, or exercising. None of these activities are herein presented as substitutes for competent medical treatment. Return to instructions.

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